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Most houses in New Zealand have that one old car they want to get rid of. However, when it comes to selling your old car, many questions arise, “what is the best way to sell this car?”, “How to acquire the best deals and fair prices?”  and so on. 

Here are the answers to some of those questions.

What are some of the ways to sell your old car?

  • Find an individual buyer

The first and the most obvious thought is unsurprisingly to find an individual buyer, this buyer can be anyone, whether someone from your friend and family or a stranger you encountered over social media, etc. This option, as default as it may seem, can actually be a bit of a task, if you may. Getting the fair and the best price for your used car is pretty much out of the window. Apart from this, one has to go through a pile of paperwork, which, to be honest, is no one’s favorite job.

When selling a car to a private buyer, you must place advertisements on several websites and, in some circumstances, pay to have your advertising appear at the top. Then you talk to a few people and arrange for everyone to have a test drive. If someone is serious about buying your automobile, they may haggle with you and may even ask you to perform basic maintenance or repaint it before handing it over.

  • Contact a Car Dealer

Another commonly sought after alternative would be to bring in a car dealer. A well connected car dealer can link you to potential customers, as well as start the trade as soon as your car’s legal documents and details are sorted out. Though many car dealers have strategies that you can trust, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out as to what is hap–pening in the market. Also, even though instant payments are rare, you can count on these dealers to put through comparatively quicker transactions. If your car is salvageable, car dealers also include some sort of repairs before putting your car up on the market. 

  • Online Auction

During the recent times of the pandemic, this method has actually become very popular . It is an inexpensive way to sell your old car through various dedicated and non-dedicated platforms.  You can get an estimated value of your car, and start the bidding around this figure, naturally the highest bidder gets to take your car home. Uploading pictures and some basic necessary details about your car is one way to advertise your car and obtain a certain number of interested people. 

In some cases you could go to existing car auctioning platforms and forums with a given market and audience. This can help in saving you the time and effort of auctioning your own vehicle single handedly. 

  • Selling your car to car wreckers

Now, this one is new. The idea to sell your old car to a Car Wreckers, is not one that crosses everybody’s mind. However, this method can actually be very convenient. If you approach a reliable and reputable provider, such as CarRemovals, selling off your car can become quite a breezy experience. On top of that they can provide a really good price for your old or even junk car. Also, you need not worry about the tedious task of managing paperwork as well. Many car wreckers even provide transportation services to take your old car to the warehouse, etc.

What do we conclude?

Selling your car may necessitate some expertise, particularly if you want to sell it quickly. Assume you’re intending to sell your old car in Auckland anytime soon. In that situation, you might want to try the methods outlined in this article. While each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, they all have the potential to aid you in your sales efforts. You can also combine methods to boost your sales.

Consider the legitimacy of the persons with whom you’ll be dealing. If necessary, do background checks. Don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true deals. Above all, thoroughly assess your potential buyer’s credentials. You may also need to find someone who can attest for the character of the possible buyer.

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